Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughts on things

So, heres a new year. I've been keeping pretty busy. It's odd though. I still feel like time is just at a snails pace right now. I'm cool with it I suppose. I've been doing a lot more social stuff. Made some new friends, the typical stuff I guess. Sometimes it's weird though...maybe it's just that i'm finally in a place where I'm comfortable. It's odd to me. I've always been the i've done a 180. Now, i've always been the crazy kid among my group of friends...probably doing things that will incriminate me when i'm married or something...but around new people I'm usually reserve. It's slipped away. I've found the point where i'm comfortable with anything.

That creeping feeling of urgency is coming back again too...I keep thinking about what is going to happen in the next two years. I want so badly to go out to Colorado. On one hand I kinda thought one of my friends was going with it seems like it's going to be just me. It's going to be a sad time going out there...I'm going to miss all the awesome friends i've made. It's also hampering me from the whole dating scene too. I would very much like to have a serious relationship, but it's hard to put myself out there, knowing that nobody is going to follow more than likely. Sad,Scary,Exciting, intense....all of those things I feel right now. Ah well.

To live another day is a blessing in itself. Suppose I should take my own advice and not worry about things so much.